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The Precious Frog

Frogs are not pets! Frogs are not that nice in general. But they have rare emotional values that are coming mostly from tales. Show me a woman that would not want to kiss a frog if she were sure that it would become a real prince tenderly caring her for ever. Kissing a frog… making a world class precious brand based on a frog tale.

Tricky business (or better say monkey business to bless our roof). Client based in London needed of a global brand positioned in middle market price range that will sell higher value and design jewels. A couple of sub brands as collections will apply market segmentation of the target audience.

Storytelling is a good practice! Finding a way to cumulate old stories values in a contemporary way is what we do.

By Panos Milis

Working with frog designs results can be from humorous to ridiculous… further more the most famous frog of all _Kermit_ should approve! 😉
Well, our design is elegant, simple, memorable and very easy to implement as marking on their jewel products. The brand design is luxurious while we stay in a ground level of company core business market orientation. The sub brands/collections are designed for the casual consumer that require accessories to enhance his personality.