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Creating the perfect glass

EPSA is a very old soft drinks brand. Their bottle is a very strong unique brand element with high awareness, defining their legacy as the essence of the brand. We designed a glass for their soft drinks to be server in.

When you face such a classic case of bottle design that influences the perception of the brand is most probable to fall in mind gaps and design faults. We know that all beers have a distinguished glass to be served in order to complete the consumer experience. Why not making one for traditional soft drinks?!


Turning things upside down might some time save the day!

By Panos Milis

After checking all combinations of beers glasses and their bottles and their taste (we “tasted” all our samples) we were in ground zero. None of our initial designs was such as respecting the brand. Either to modern or to classic or to irrelevant with the brand.

At that time the idea hits you hard and you just have the gut feeling that you got it at last!

We turned their bottle up side down, we cut off the bottom and make the neck stand on it and there it was! We refined the design in crystal clear glass and added the rhombus as is in the original bottle. The glass and the bottle match together in perfect lines. As one gets empty and the other gets filled is like communicating containers of the product and the brand.