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Notes are an integral part of our everyday life. There are notepads almost in every office, small pieces of paper or stylish leather notebooks or calendar type and more.

While our life is becoming more and more digital there are still people that value the feeling of good quality paper and hand writing as a form of the absolute personal expression. We have major brands / companies that are selling pens and notebooks of any size and kind blah blah blah.


Even in Space Odyssey the super computer HAL reported on a piece of paper. In conclusion bits are the king but still paper is the queen!

By Panos Milis

We had to renovate classic notebooks.
Hmmm what is the most common question these days in our digital mad world when we are about to write something…? Aaaahh do you have a pen?

The idea was to inject a pen as a part of the notebook so paper and pen will always be together handy ready to capture your next big idea. Penbook polished as a company promotional gift able to accept advertising, calendars, CDs being from agenda to products showcase… The rest is history…

Be LOGIC, Keep notes!