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1st International Conference of Greek Stevia

Being the first in a market is a very very good thing. One can set the standards and the rest will follow… Being the first in a market is also huge responsibility as the outcome of your efforts will set the standards so the followers can either stay amazed or easily bypass you leaving you their dust and a bitter after taste*.

The Greek Stevia Association asked us to perform a very hard task. We were called to produce the 1st International Conference of Greek Stevia. By production we mean that we did everything(!) on a tight budget…!!!

The secret in events is to think of them as a theater play… I can explain…

By Panos Milis

To make the long story short we were the first conference in Greece that was under the auspices of 4 ministries: Development, Agriculture, Tourism, Health (the harder one to get was the ministry of health). We also were under the auspices of 2 universities (Thessaly, Bulgaria). Further more the Hellenic Diabetes Association and Chef’s Club and METIS global awareness network were on our side.
This was a huge task. We managed 32 international speakers, 2 keynote speakers, visitors from 9 countries, more than 600 people participated in the even, we also had more than 2K people watching the live stream!
As an example of the high impact let us share a number. We logged in to our server in Germany and we visited googles India home page. We searched the “EXACT PHRASE” of our news press release, usually media copy-paste the content to posts… The search results was more than 362K posts/links/mentions!!!

No wonder why we were invited 2 times as keynote speakers, from the India Stevia Association, to reveal the stevia consumer mind map as marketing experts plus to present how we produced that successful conference.


Ahhh I almost forgot. The brands we designed for stevia products got awarded!

*our stevia products have no bitter after taste