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Hardening luggage

Have you ever traveled by plane? What am I asking!!! Plane flights are like bread and butter in modern business international world. Hard task if you have to travel all the time. If this is hard for you, imagine how hard can it be for your luggage…

Our luggage are getting pushed, pressed, smashed, put in extreme low temperature and many more nasty situations in flights, by personnel that cares less for their well being than we do. We were asked to alter a design in order to harden it so be able to by pass with ease the daily flight fights bellow the passenger compartment.


When flights gets tough – The tough luggage gets going.

By Idea Monkeys

We got a draft design from client. We had to make this hardened in structure while able to be constructed from light materials of average price (it should be an easy task if we could use titanium and carbon fibers to achieve the goal). Further more the size should fit in airlines limits and the internal volume should fit to client trousers and suits requirements per trip…!

We did all the tricks in the book. Double wheels, extra grips, wider straps, hardening zones, double knobs etc. The outcome: 4 times stronger, 10 times longer flight time… within budget!