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Elevating mixing

Mixers were made for mixing ingredients. HOW ON EARTH nobody designed an easy way for adding ingredients while mixing is in progress?

The case of reinventing the wheel is a hard job. But the simple ideas are usually the great ones! We have been asked to redesign a mixer propeller. OK fair task, after some calculations of bowl volume, thickness of ingredients and motor power we did a couple of neat suggestions.


Yeaaaahhhh baby,
this idea is **GRANDMA APPROVED!!!

Disruptive marketing by Idea Monkeys

In the process of designing the propeller we had long discussions with client about the usage of the mixer. We noticed that in pastry and bakery more than half of recipes had ingredients added in the bowl while working, mixing in slow or faster speeds different raw materials.

Zaaaapppp that was it!!! We presented the idea of an easy “add more stuff inside” system that can be added to the product as extra when needed. We knew we had a success story BEFORE we present it to client (as extra “apre task” feature)…

We did a hard test of our printed prototype by making a cake @ home**.