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About Idea Monkeys

The essence of a brand that produces ...brands!
``Dear Supreme Being, thank You for granting me the IQ-EQ-CQ to make desirable sustainable products that can be innovated over time adapted in future, while being believable and useful for the people that buy them as campaign-able and challenging, able to seamlessly export across borders.``
a little prayer by Idea Monkeys

In business (also in “normal” life) there are 2 kinds of people. There is a kind that if you fill his head with images/info, it will blur his judgment and will get lost. There is a kind that as much as images/info you can give him, he will be able to see more clearly the way. The first kind is perfectly able in doing one thing, most of the times, perfect. The other kind is able to juggle with projects and ideas and life it self, as a birth given talent of higher CQ (Creative Quotient).

We are the IDEA MONKEYS.

Juggling in the jungle of Retail or Industrial markets, with people that we love to work with.
Juggling with ideas that are becoming products, solving people problems.
Juggling from branch to branch with ease, tempting our selves on the next project that will keep us alive and kicking!

We combine a pool of skills in a one stop shop able by science activation, people disciplines, management and process to nurture ideas in real products or services.

We are Artists, Scientists, Inventors, Engineers, Dreamers, Curious, Graceful,
Hardworking, Funny, Believers, Fearless, Inventive, Tenacious
and Curious to discover beyond after the next step,
driving the force of innovation that eventually pays off!

For us Everything is Possible as we probe for the next challenge, the next idea, imminent to become reality!

We are the IDEA MONKEYS.
We can drive you all the way,
from Concept … to Reality!

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