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YES! Garlic

Garlic is a journey in the authentic, Mediterranean gastronomy. Its richness brings out the flavors of every meal. But it has some major issues that our client made us solve…

FRESH Garlic is not easy to prepare, it leaves smell on your hands that is not easily washed away. Garlic cloves need to be pealed off and some time you need to create paste for some recipes. The modern women have not that much time to prepare meals, they do not use garlic to their recipes. Further more there is NO easy WAY to persuade them to make recipes that will leave smells on their hands.


Need a product to invade a home kitchen? Have a chef use it as a secret ingredient. Secretly prepare retail packaging and make it available cross country… Ladies will love it, men will love the taste in food and eventually refresh the love for their ladies!

By Panos Milis

Well, making garlic part of your everyday cuisine has never been more easy. Just add some YES garlic! to your dishes, and prepare yourselves for the most pleasant tasting experience!

Straight out of hand-picked Spanish farmers, YES garlic! is ready to use. Add it raw or cook and fry it to imbue every dish with its full flavors. A teaspoon equals three garlic cloves. Gluten-free with no preservatives or colorants. A flavorful journey for your palate. YES garlic! is a 100% fresh, premium product. Choose between chopped garlic or garlic paste and add it to any dish to intensify its flavors. YES garlic! is a gluten-free and without any preservatives and colorants. Use it raw, fried or cooked and embark on a mouthwatering dining experience!

Set out on a scrumptious journey in the Mediterranean gastronomy.

The chopped fresh garlic and the garlic paste are available in a number of packaging sizes making distribution, transport and use convenient across the HORECA industry. YES garlic! is a versatile, quality addition to any dish in your restaurant, bistro or hotel. It intensifies flavors added raw, cooked or fried in your meals.

Available also in retail packaging… for home cooking.

Ohhhh YES! We used NLP (neuro linguistic programming).