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Hear ME

Headphones is a great accessory that every man should have so he can enjoy hearing his favorite music without interruptions from his wife… Ha ha ha, not a great definition of the term but you got the idea.

Simple design of a custom headphones product was the project. But we could just not resist the challenge so we added some custom branding and a playful logo. Our own monkey equipped with headphones playing our favorite music.


You can hear Mi (E) or any other note under any music (mon)KEY with ease, plus you learn where the note E (Mi) is on the pentagram… It say HERE E note on the 5th line 😉

A not that really musical note by Idea Monkeys

Jjust pleasing the client is not enough, so we put a couple of ideas on the table. Music has KEYS so Idea MonKEYS. This will be one of our promo gifts idea. Further more, the clients brand will be HEAR ME. Is like the headphones shout to you to put them on and start listening to what is coming out of their electromagnetic cones.

The brand name visualization is a trick on the location of note mi (E) on pentagram.

Fun factor imminent. Ahhh we forgot to mention, audio quality is superb!