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Deeply rooted in the Messinian land, ELEOKOMIA makes sure that the
attention and the quality which the blessed olive fruit demands at every
stage, from caring of the tree to the extraction and its standardisation, are
harmoniously embodied. They are cool but in order to export they needed branding!

Branding and product creation in the most competitive market of olive oil is not an easy task. There are many great brands and many designs that we jealous.


In the beginning was arhetipon from the Greek word arkhetypon; the archetype, the prototype, the original model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies…

Greek Language

Our client needed of something exceptional to market internationally. They create a series of certified Mediterranean products, whose crown is a special extra virgin olive oil, of unique quality and unrivaled nutritional value. Their bottles were common and branding non existed.

We thought that olive oil must be protected in the bottle container. We had the idea to adapt a burga on top of it in order to hide (from light) what is precious… The elegant design and the distinct branding awarded and they lived happily ever after!