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Ooh Black Garlic

Garlic is Garlic. It has a special taste and it can elevate your cooking recipes to another level. Many love it, due to bad breath a few don’t. Well NOW ALL will LOVE Black Garlic!

An unforgettable tasting experience

Creating a product is one thing, creating an INGREDIENT is a total different marketing mindset and process. We wanted to harvest all health claims possible and avoid some strong negative factors. A long research period plus contacts with many chefs and other experts revealed the secret power of black garlic. We made a product out of it…

Once you taste Black Garlic you will never go back…

By Panos Milis (CEO white garlic avoiders organization)

Ooh black garlic is an aged, caramelized garlic of the finest flavor and extraordinary tasting experience. Aged through a controlled, heating process over the course of several weeks, ooh black garlic has a sweet, mild taste that makes it more mouthwatering than its forefather. Unlike regular garlic, it doesn’t give you a bad breath. It contains no preservatives and no colorants and has a delicate balsamic taste.
With almost 5 times more antioxidants and more health benefits than regular garlic, this extraordinary garlic paste is nothing short of a Super Food. The combination of its culinary distinction and health benefits has made it a highly sought-after ingredient.